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Single Title: “Preach It Right” 
From Script to Scriptures  Unassuming! That’s the one word that best describes George Hill Jones, III, as he humbly describes his colorful college years acting in renditions of award-winning theater and film. His acting skills in lead roles from George Abbott’s Broadway musical “Damn Yankee” to August Wilson’s “Piano Lesson,” and as Prince in the classic “Romeo & Juliet.” Just may have been the platform that prepared Jones for his most important role ever.   This time, cast in self-character as multi-talented poetic songwriter-rapper, Jones, who goes by the moniker of REZURRECTION, takes center stage to introduce his self-composition in music. The release of his debut, faith-blended. single, “Preach It Right,” that warns of the deceit and personal gain from those who falsely preach from the churches.    “ 2019 Rezurrection on the scene Preaching the gospel, so many deceived/Fleshy desires, compromising for the green!/Want the titles and the power, instead of being set free! ”  “ Preaching, teaching, reaching all God's ppl who are seeking!/Knowledge is the truth that only He can make you free in!/Preach it right/Teach em good! Preach it right/Teach em good! ” “Preach It Right,” inspired by Chubb Rock’s “Treat Em’ Right,” is full of bounce- grooves and beats shadowed in musical horns and percussions that dabbles in throw-back go-go (originated from the sounds of DC); bringing it back to the rhythm and cadences of artists like: 2PAC, Mc Lyte, Wu-Tang Clan, Dr. Dre, Salt & Pepper, Eminem, his mentor Emcee N.I.C.E. and gospel influence, Cee-Lo Green as today’s music influences.    
On the track, Rezurrection flows through past and present struggles,  personal challenges and even injustices,  as he leads you on his journey from addiction to his stand on the Word of God, and as one committed to walking in His Will.  “Vibrant, eclectic and resonating,” is how Rezurrection describes his rhythmical style, as he declares himself “The Voice of Reason & Poster Child for God’s Miraculous Power.” You can hear his joy and gratitude from where he has come, to where he is today, as he breaks down the story of his journey to seeking God as his Savior.  “ Internationally known, He changed my life/And now I'm built to rock a microphone!/I was in darknes s/ acting outrageous Gave my life to Him, He's contagious! ” Nice! From a man who once echoed the distinguished voice of legendary actor James Earl Jones and Charles Dutton, as Hoke. And a welcoming transition from the streets to the sanctuary.  It was a 5-year process that led to 8-hip operations that steered his addiction to pain-killer meds, heroin, and crime, becoming home-bound to his many surgeries, that prompted his financial matters, now surviving simply on disability benefits. But his fierce love of God and for his family lends its strength to his acceptance of his life challenges, “It’s been tight, but we’re making it. “With determination and faith in God, I have overcome and am a literal walking miracle of Him,” he says.   Born in the metropolitan area of Washington, DC via Rockville, Maryland, Rezurrection grew up listening to oldies and blues music. At the age of just  5, he was already playing the trombone. An alumni of Frostburgh University Maryland, it was there he elected to study the arts and received his degree in Music Business and Theatre studies. Upon completing his college terms, Rezurrection relocated to Tampa, Florida, and became a member of The Rock Church of Tampa Bay, which eventually became his haven, which led him to find his higher power. As a member of the church, he expanded on his gift of talents, by singing in the church choir, playing bass and drums, and giving praise to the Lord. And continues to do so.
“No matter what the circumstances or situation, God is faithful to bring you through.”  P reach it right… cause when the credits roll it will read:

Written by: Ms. Juanita Stephens

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