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Rezurrection Featured In #MusicLov3rz February!

“I got no chains on me. For real though! You broke me out, and took the blame from me.

Lets go! You clean me up I got no stains on me. I know I know I know I know I know when I was drownin' you was helping me breathe.

(Produced by Anthony "Sam Peezy" Avery of Peezy Tech)

"CHAINZ", a gospel mash up, with samples from The Divas of Gospel with Yolanda Adams' "My Liberty", mixed with the perfect set of drums and horns by Peezy. The sample states, "He sacrificed His life, for My Liberty"

This is why the song is called "CHAINZ"! On the track, Rezurrection and Erica Mason, reflect on past and current "Chainz" that may have had a hold on them throughout their lives. Mason states she's dealt with issues with her mind like depression and self worth. She is very passionate with seeking life through Christ and vows to continue to show how her chainz were released through the sacrifice Christ made on the cross for her and you! Rezurrection makes it clearly known of his pass struggles with addiction. Being addicted to pain pill and eventually heroine, he speaks how Christ stepped in through the power of the Holy Spirit to break the Chainz of addiction throughout his life. We hope this bop gets your bobbin' your head and moving, while encouraging you that Christ CAN DO IT FOR YOU AS WELL!! BREAK THE CHAINZ THAT IS!!In 2015, after "Rez's" 8th Hip Replacement Surgery, the doctors told him that he would never walk again. Rez is so happy that GOD'S VOICE WAS LOUDER " Get UP AND WALK! I AM with you ALWAYS"! That is why we "CAN'T STOP PRAISIN'"!, states Rezurrection!

Rezurrection writes and performs in hope that people will be able to relate to his past and current struggles, knowing that through the Love of Christ, we can all overcome!

From 2011 to 2016, Rezurrection endured 8 hip replacement surgeries. With a fake hip on the left and no hip on the right, he moves through the Spirit of God, knowing he is a walking miracle!

Check out his latest release "CHAINZ"


From REZURRECTION's album "Back 2 Da Truth" - full album is coming January 22nd! Get it on: Amazon | Apple Music Connect with Rezurrection

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